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    Webinar Series: Mastering SAP Monitoring WITHOUT SAP CCMS or Solution Manager

    Nguyen Linh
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      We are excited to announce a new Webinar series over the next several months focusing on a very comprehensive set of topics about SAP Monitoring for those looking beyond SAP CCMS and Solution Manager, or just to learn SAP Monitoring and Performance Best Practices.  With our on-premise and cloud automation platforms combined with in-depth SAP Basis expertise, we've been rolling out features aggressively almost once every week to tackle areas such as:

      • SAP Workload Monitoring
      • SAP Batch Jobs Monitoring
      • SAP RFC Connection Monitoring
      • SAP Router Monitoring
      • SAP Spool Monitoring
      • SAP SLT Monitoring
      • Synthetic Transaction Monitoring
      • Performance Charting

      These functionality are designed to increase the Availability, Performance and Manageability of the vital SAP Ecosystem, and in most cases can be applied across our increasing support of the following SAP technologies:

      • SAP Netweaver (ECC, BW, PI, etc.)
      • SAP BusinessObjects
      • SAP Supported Databases including:
      • SAP HANA (direct)
      • SAP ASE (direct)
      • Oracle (direct)
      • IBM DB2 UDB (through SAP)
      • Microsoft SQL Server (through SAP)

      Visit our Events page and sign up for an interactive session discussing in-depth monitoring topics, seats are limited to 50 for each session to allow sufficient Q&A.