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    Job Opening

    Larry Bowdish
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      I am looking for someone who has some experience or knowledge of Business One.  We are in the implementation phase, with go-live scheduled for May 31.  This person will become my replacement, so I can retire.


      Safety Services is a family owned regional distributor of personal protective equipment. We have been in business since 1948.  We have physical locations in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are in the process of implementing SAP Business One. In an "On Premises" environment, in the Kalamazoo office.

      We are looking for an addition to our staff to work in the Accounting and IT department. SAP Business One is an ERP system, and


      fundamentally an accounting system.

      The successful candidate will grow into a position where that person will be involved on a daily basis with support for accounting,

      marketing management, and sales administration.  Our implementation of SAP Business One will require the need to develop dashboards for various users.  As we grow the data, we will want to develop analytics to support growth.  Additionally, many of our suppliers use SAP, and we will work with them to integrate as much as is practical.


      As we implement Business One, there will be a need to develop dashboards for the various users. As we develop data you will be involved in developing the analytics that Business One can create. Additionally, many of our suppliers also use SAP, and we will work to integrate with them as much as is practical.



      Our planned "Go Live" date is  May 27, 2016.


      Submit your resume and salary requirements to job@safetyservicesinc.com.