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    1503 or 1511 ?

    Michael Dybevick

      We are preparing to re-deploy our financials on S/4 HANA, including stores, purchasing, and project systems. This will be followed as soon as possible by integration of our IS-U and CCS systems. For all practical purposes this is a new installation.


      Is there any reason not to start with the latest and greatest - 1511/sp01? Are there any instabilities that are just now emerging?


      If we start with 1503 will there be a significant effort to convert of the financial tables again when we move up to 1511?


      Has anybody else had to think this one through yet?

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          Erich Schneider



          if this is a greenfield implementation, you might consider 1511, as w 1503 you only get S/4HANA Finance, and you would have to do the material document converison and other items from the simplification list later on in another project.




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            Michael Dybevick

            Will the new "Business Partner Approach" present any problems when the current IS-U customers are merged into a 1511 financial system? It is not clear whether there will be an S/4 version of IS-U before we are ready to combine the systems.

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              Malolan R

              I would  not recommend customers  to   go  for  1511  unless they  have an only Financials  implementations.  If they are using Treasury and Cash Management in  their  earlier SAP  system ,  you may need to  buy additional  licenses to use  Cash Management on Hana.

              Customers  with a large logistics   footprint would  be well  advised to  wait  for  1611  where most  restrictions  would have been lifted