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    Inventory Aging

    Angie Pinz
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      Can anyone share how they handling inventory aging within SAP?   How are you reporting it out to your business and is that a virtual concept or are you also able to also control flowing oldest product out of your warehouses/distribution centers before new product so that you don't end up with aged core product?


      Since we are running the AFS solution,  we don't have the ability to use batches.  However, even if we could, I'm interested in how that translates down to the DC's for picking the right product to ship out first.


      Any and all input in appreciated.  Thank you! - Angie Pinz

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          Ande Elkins

          Hi Angie,

          There are several SAP reports to track inventory aging.

          (You can also track 'Dead Stock' with t-code MC50)

          As for ensuring stock rotates of in a FIFO process, we implemented the following process.

          Upon goods receipt of materials that have a 'shelf life', we print a small label.

          The label has the Receipt date, material#, and bin-location.

          The clerk then places the material in the rear of the bin.

          Just ensure that the FIFO materials are assigned open-access bins.

          (ie, hanging rods/pegs is not good for FIFO ;-)