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    need to understand merging data in Web Intelligence XI 3.1

    Peck William
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      I'm nine months into Web Intelligence and trying to understand this and that.


      I recently had a report where I needed to display regional districts with no activity. The report was based on activity and also displayed the associated region, so an outer join wouldn't fix it.


      So I created a second query of all regions, and used the Region from this query to populate the main report, and I got my result - regions with no sales activity showed up. All good, and no merging of data needed. this was in effect, an outer join on Sales Activity, display all regions even if they didn't have Sales Activity.


      So on another report I tried to apply my newest trick but got "incompatible objects", so I merged data objects in the report and also got my expected result.


      But I couldn't figure out why I got "incompatible" objects in the 2nd report. Once I merged the dimensions, it worked. But I'm not seeing why it told me "incompatible objects".


      Hope you can see what I'm trying to say . . .