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    Information Steward Enhancements

    Ramadevi Perali
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      Requirement 1: Enhanced Security: To support limited access by domains, enable ownership model and manage governance


      Currently Information Steward offers security by Authors, Approvers & Users at an instance level. If the solution is leveraged at  an enterprise level we would need to be able to limit author & approving at configurable domain or segement level.  This would support in ensure approval process queued properly to right groups and tightens governance process.

      Also Ownership management is missing in the metapedia. Having ability to configure owners helps a great deal with supporting governance


      Here are high level features we are looking for

      ·         Enable to Create and manage governance by domains

      ·         Enable to configure owners to govern their domains

      ·         Create and manage users groups by role and domains

      ·         Hierarchy – inheritance should apply for users roles, so the users does not have to repeated in each groups

         Example: Higher to lower level of access : Approvers should be able to author metadata as well without have to repeat their access in authors groups



      Requirement 2 :  Currently none dashboards are available to report on Metapedia terms.

      Provide configurable dashboards for metapedia to report on business metadata Quality & support auditability

      ·         Example: To name a few features

      ·         # of terms missing information and should be able to select “synonyms, Associate objects or any of the custom attributes we have created”

      ·         SLA reporting on metapedia terms sitting for approval <30 days, 30-60 days > 90 days.

      ·         Completeness of information provided in each metpedia term


      Requirement 3 :  Enabling other options under Actions helps speed up process of authoring and approving metapedia terms

      When authoring metapedia terms; with term status = Editing; under Actions “Related Terms”, “Associate with objects” and “Associate from Object Tray” are disabled. If authors have this information they would like to add those details and then submit for approval.

      Business value: Saves lot of time if huge metapedia terms needs to be approved.


      Requirement 4: View History currently only shows Name, status, updated by, updates on & Comments; It would be lot more efficient and business friendly if it shows Description and other attributes tied to the term such as associated objects, synonyms etc.



      Requirement 5: Multi Select customer attribute: Enable Multi select as a custom attribute currently text box and drop down are capabilities are there



      Same above requirements are attached a word with images