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    SF Reporting & Analytics Forum

    Mei Kim

      Hi there.

      This our first discussion thread for reporting and analytics.

      We will be creating and managing content here for our potluck forum moving forward.

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          Mei Kim

          Greetings! Welcome 3DR, John Deere, TransAlta, Amtrak, Ford, CG, Phillips 66, Nike!

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            Mei Kim

            Hi Mei,


            I saw your post in the Customer Community about this session and would normally love to jump on the call to assist, but I checked my calendar and unfortunately as I am working remotely at the moment I cannot make the PST time, however please tell the group that if you have a list of questions at the end of the session, I would be happy for you to email them to me and I will answer over email and then join your next call.


            Lyndal Hagar

            Principal Product Manager | Reporting, Analytics and Planning 
            SAP SuccessFactors | One Tower Place, Ste. 1100, So. San Francisco, CA 94080

            US +1 202 569 6057

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              Mei Kim


              1. RBC - Wanted to talk to Capital on Automated Security and Business-wide launch of headlines.
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                Mei Kim

                @Darius, Capital Group will be reaching out to you re business roll-outs.

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                  Mei Kim

                  Ford Notes:

                  • For change mgmt, as we bring new users, it will take longer for them to learn how to use the information and measures within WFA.
                  • Learned a lot more after implementing the metric packs.
                  • Once you see the organization in the measures
                  • This application is just one tool of many.
                  • Want to use SAAS to expand out the scope for HR.



                  • Charts are cluegy.
                  • When we start our own reports, we want to get it out there to the various groups. 
                  • Annualized vs Actualized - flexibility to use will be a matter of confusion for some of our newest users.


                  Headlines discussions:

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                    Mei Kim

                    Spinoff discussions:

                    1. Headlines

                    2. Operational reporting tools

                    3. Automated security

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                      Mei Kim


                      1. Has CWFM for about a year.

                      2. Trying to figure out ORD.

                      3. A lot of SF modules.

                      4. Catch-up on analytics

                      5. For operational reporting, using adhoc reports pulling cross functional reports, and single domain reports.

                      6. For SAP, no specific reporting tools.

                      7. Accomplishments:

                      •      Reduction time in report turnaround time

                      8. Lessons learned:

                      • Change management around the learning of how to use the tool
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                        Sherryanne Meyer

                        Hi Everyone. It is a pleasure to meet all of you virtually. Here are the details around the "Workforce Analytics Unplugged" seminar to be held as a pre-conference to SAPPHIRE NOW - ASUG ANNUAL Conference.


                        8 am to NoonWORKFORCE ANALYTICS UNPLUGGED
                        Pre-Conference Monday May 16, 2016
                        8-8:45 amSherryanne MeyerASUGOpening with entire group; set agenda
                        8:45-9:30 amBreakout A1: Managing Systems to Produce the “Right” Data
                        8:45 -9:30 amMick CollinsSAPBreakout A2:  Five Talent Management Topics in Need of Workforce Analytics
                        9:30-10:15 amJamie Strnisha 3D ResultsBreakout B1: Positioning Data for use in Workforce Analytics
                        9:30-10:15 amScott PollackPwCBreakout B2: Executive Engagement: Delivering Analytics to Leaders
                        10:15-11:30 amBreakout C1: Ensuring HR Understands Data
                        10:15-11:30 amGreta RobertsTalent AnalyticsLooking to the Future: How to Succeed In Predictive Analytics
                        11:30-NoonMick CollinsSAPClosing with total group – harvest ideas; summarize best practices and standards agreed upon (Sherry to take notes)
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                          Cedeno Kathy

                          Phillips 66 is definitely interested in hearing what others are doing with Headlines -- we are not using now, but like to know lessons learned for future.  Also interested in operational reporting tools discussion.  We are in process of developing our reporting strategy and are in exploration of what's best.


                          Also interested in understanding how others are using Analytics -- e.g. small COE team, HRBPs, business leaders, etc.  We open only to HR and provide them online reports for them to easily get the results for their business.  We're in process of rolling out consistent Talent Dashboards starting in April


                          Thanks.  Glad to be joining the group. 

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                            Mei Kim

                            We are getting ready to roll it out to HR first, then Business Managers. Will demo when we're live!

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                              Mei Kim

                              Companies attending our potluck forum right now: John Deere, Ingalls ShipBuilding, Dolphin, 3DR, Ford, Phillips 66, Hyundai, Boston Scientific, Nike, Children's hospital of Philadelphia.

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                                Mei Kim

                                Darius/Jeff: Charts 2.0 are generally not used, because Charts 1.0 are more flexible. Charts 2.0 are too simple.

                                Robert: The focus is working on developing a new user experience as a whole.

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                                  Mei Kim

                                  CHOP ramping up on ORD reporting. What do customers usually do?

                                  Darius: In building ORD, a lot of it was trial and error.

                                  Robert: Suggest working through the reports as part of practice and learning. Recommend workshops for ORD problem solving.

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                                    Mei Kim

                                    Great meeting this week.


                                    Here is the powerpoint deck.

                                    ASUG reporting and analytics potluck forum - 4-13-2016.pptx

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