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    Free of Charge Product

    Jessica Smith
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      I'm curious how others are treating free of charge product within SAP.  I've seen a few posts from 2002 and 2006, however, I'm looking for some more recent solutions.  We have explored using a movement type in order to properly allocate costs to desired cost center and GL, however, the best practice suggested solution would be to utilize a sales order and configure a new order type for any free of charge product.  This appears to be problematic due to what I understand to be the standard SAP entries created at PGI and Invoicing (see below).  I would prefer that the entry only impact expense and COGS and also needs to flow through appropriately to COPA.  Suggestions - please let me know if there is more information required


      Upon Delivery:

      Dr. COGS                     Standard Cost

      Cr. Inventory                            Standard Cost


      Upon Invoicing:

      Dr. Expense                  Retail Price

      Cr. Revenue                             Retail Price