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    Does anyone have any statistics around the 'typical' size and make up of SAP technical support staff?

    Kathleen Steigerwalt
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      Does anyone have any statistics around the 'typical' size and make-up of the SAP business /configuration analysts required to support a company $100-$500M in revenue with a user base of 500? The ideal data points would be: total revenue, total employee base, SAP user base, modules deployed and SAP business analyst staff post implementation required to keep SAP running.  

      I am not interested in BASIS support I am interested in SAP configuration business analyst support.  Any insights and or data points would be helpful. For example, 1-2 SD configuration analysts per 50 Sales staff is typical.  1 experienced Full time ABAP programmer to support 500 SAP users. 



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          Ande Elkins

          Hi Kathleen,

          We have 1553 SAP users, with another 820-ish employees accessing SAP via a web portal.
          (the portal users are performing non-advanced functions, such as work request, reports, etc)

          We have several chemical and speciality facilities in North/South America.

          Our corporate support team for SAP is eight talented individuals.

          Basically, 4 multi-module specialists, 3 ABAPers, and a manager.

          (we utilize extensive custom code as we implement many process improvements. Hence the 3 ABAPers)

          Everything is conducted in-house (by our team)

          Including 3 company acquisitions, as we managed all the legacy conversion, training, and on-site go-lives.

          Although the work load is rather challenging at times, we have achieved much, with a very low cost.

          I certainly would not recommend duplicating our staff numbers in your organization however, many landscapes can provide ongoing support with under 12. Especially if you separate actual support from improvement projects. (the 2 tend to conflict at times)

          As for 'staffing statistics', it's not a user base calculation. It's more of a 'process-based' calculation.

          ie, How many processes are SAP standard -vs- custom-code... How many support resources will be cross-module skilled, etc)


          Also, I'd suggest engaging an internal SAP basis person. System performance, data integrity, and future archiving is a critical process to risk with someone not exceptionally skilled in that area.

          (and no, I'm not our Basis person, although I've had to cover that role on various occasions ;-)

          Good luck on your venture.