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    CAT2 Timesheet allowing more than 24 hours in a given day

    Nicole Janousek
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      I don't know if anyone has experienced this or not, but I just came across an instance in CAT2 where it allowed the Timesheet entry to save with 32 hours on one day.  I have checked and our company does not use the Previous Day indicator, therefore it IS 32 hours on one day.  The only message I am noticing as I scroll through weeks is a Yellow Warning stating "You have entered more that 24 hours per day".


      Can anyone tell me if you have experienced this issue and maybe why SAP was developed to allow it when it isn't even a realistic scenario as there is no where in the world where there is more that 24 hours in a day.





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          Ande Elkins

          Hi there Nicole,

          (CAT2 > Goto > Settings)

          In the Data Entry Profile, you have the option to allow/warn/reject more than 24 hours per confirmation date.

          The 'Checks' tab...

          In the "more than 24 hours" pull-down;

          In some cases, there are a business need for 'more-than-24-hours.

          ie, using combined employees into one entry.


          Side note,

          If your Data Entry Profile is greyed-out, it will require a configuration change.

          SPRO > Cross-Application Components >Time-Sheet > Set Up for CATS classic > Set-up Date Entry Profiles

          Select your Entry Profile, and modify the "Data Entry Checks" section...

          Save transport in SPRO (SE09, release), STMS, transport to quality (and test/verify), STMS, approve transport and move to Production.

          A quick 10 minute task, simple as that ;-)

          Let me know if you have any other questions.


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