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    GRC PC Policy Management Integration with MS Shared point

    Kumar Vinod
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        Problem Description:


      We are planning to leverage Policy Management functionality
      in SAP GRC to manage policies within our organization. In order to reduce the
      licensing cost, we decided to restrict SAP GRC application only for Approvers,
      Reviewers and Policy Owners. However all the customers will access the policies
      via Microsoft share point application. With this requirement, we are looking at
      various options to integrate SAP GRC and Microsoft share point system.
      Currently SAP provides some APIs which can be consumed to create policy group
      and policies in SAP GRC system from an external system. We heard lot of
      challenges with this approach and it may not satisfy all our business needs.


      Alternatively we looking to push the policies from SAP GRC
      system to external system once the policies are approved in SAP GRC. This will
      require lot of customization in SAP GRC system. Wanted to reach out to experts/
      Gurus and get their viewpoints/ Recommendations on how we can address this
      requirement. Would sincerely appreciate, if you could share any information
      with respect to this topic