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    ASUG News content

    Jelena Perfiljeva

      I've been reading ASUG News for a while and in general it's been a good publication, nice digest of ASUG and other user group activity. But lately I feel instead of being ASUG Member oriented it is venturing into the link bait territory more typical for SAP and vendor marketing. For example, this article made me think if I should just unsubscribe: http://www.asugnews.com/article/sap-hana-speed-database-transformation


      The title is great and it's exactly what SAP customers are thinking (and SAP doesn't seem to understand) - "speed alone does not sell". But then the only business case the article offers is the same "Financial close" we've already heard from SAP many times. And how is it not about speed? The only metrics are "faster". C'mon now... What value does this have for ASUG community?


      Another thing - not sure about others but the new email format does not work for me at all. I use a laptop (most SAP professionals still do) and in the old format I'd get a nice short email on one screen. But now I get an email with 5 screens to scroll and each screen has just one link, the rest is completely useless. This might look better on a cell phone screen, but why do the laptop users have to suffer? Isn't it possible to chose between a mobile and desktop version?


      I think whoever is in charge of this might want to poll the ASUG members on what they think about this.


      Thank you.

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          Thomas Wailgum

          Hi Jelena — thanks for your comments and for being a reader. Much appreciated.


          What we’ve always strived for is a broad mix of content on our site that offers a variety of views and insight for our diverse membership, especially when it comes to HANA. I know that you’ve been a keen observer of our HANA Adoption surveys and reports (I've enjoyed your point of view), and I would point to those and the related content from that series. Also our coverage of the S/4HANA launch and 1511 release last fall, which I thought had the right take on this new technology.


          The goal for the ASUGNews team is to be a trusted guide for ASUG members on their SAP-related business and IT journeys, accomplished via customer-focused content, curated SAP information, research-based insight and social media communications. We always have and will continue to deliver real-world, member-to-member advice and resources that will increase their success and amplify their voice to SAP, as well as offer thought leadership to the broader ecosystem.


          From time to time, we may miss with an article or video or interview, but I think if you look at the overall repository of content, that focus on helping members to succeed will be seen.


          I believe you’re referring to the redesigned ASUG Weekly Wrap-Up — now called the First Five. This is the first negative feedback I’ve heard on the redesign, which was designed for both the desktop and mobile device. At the Volunteer meeting next week, I will solicit feedback from members on the redesign.


          If you’d ever like to talk more, please feel free to reach out to me: thomas.wailgum@asug.com.