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    Evidence of Insurability Not triggering for newly added dependents (EOI)

    Suneetha Pallinti
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      Hello every one,

      Issue in tracking newly added dependents:

      "Evidence of Insurability Not trigerring for newly added dependents in the same coverage option. After adding first dependent EOI is triggered at addition of next dependent EOI does not trigger when Insurability proven check mark is checked with first dependent entry. As a requirement tracking newly added dependents is challenging."


      Steps to reproduce the issue:

      Add dependent to Benefit plan on IT167 and select Statement required and Insurability Proven check boxes. Add second dependent through enrollment screen you will notice both options (Statement required and Insurability Proven check boxes) are already checked.

      We would like the system to trigger EOI everytime new dependent is added even within the same coverage option (As of now EOI is trigerring when option or dependent coverage is changed)."

      Can anyone suggest how to handle this in SAP.