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    Environment Management Best Practices

    Andrea Belz
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      I'm looking to connect with people who are in charge of environment management for SAP. What tools are you currently using to track which projects/releases are in which environment? How to you intake one-off requests for work that requires an outage (ex.Db2 patches, infrastructure changes, upgrades, refreshes, etc)? How do you negotiate those outage times so as not to negatively impact critical activities in specific systems?


      I use a combination of excel document and sharepoint site to intake requests and plot out system usage/outage. I'm then in charge of sending out all broad communication about system outages in hopes that it makes it to all affected users so everyone is able to plan around downtime.


      Also, we've been looking into using Plutora but would love to hear from anyone who has looked into it or is currently using.


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      Andrea Belz