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    How do you maintain Configurable Master Data?

    Lisa Marshaw
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      Looking for feedback on how companies maintain configurable Master Data like MRP groups (OPPR), Product Hierarchy, Plant Calendars (OY05), EDI Partners Partners (VOE4).


      1 - Do you make changes in a development system and then move through your landscape to Production via transport?

      2 - Do you make changes directly in Production without a transport, and if so, how was this accomplished?  Custom transaction or a table setting was changed?


      Any feedback is appreciated!

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          Ralf Neckien

          I do the changes in DEV and move (transport) them trough the landscape with a test stop in QA. I would not recommend doing the changes in the Production environment.



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            Ande Elkins

            In most cases, we make the change in Dev, test in Quality, and eventually transport to production.

            This way, we have matching configurations throughout the process.

            In some cases where the changes are very frequent, we implement a SM30 view.

            That allows the business to make immediate changes in production.

            Again, this is performed in rare instances and controlled through user assigned objects.

            Some examples are,

            * the ability to assign transaction based default printers

            * maintaining users assigned for automated reporting

            * modification of custom fields


            Otherwise, we would be constantly transporting the day-to-day requests ;-)

            Just an option...