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    SAP Payroll Canadian - applying year end Tax updates

    Sandy Berquist
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      Hi there


      We have just implemented SAP HCM (including Payroll) this year and are preparing for our first year end tax update.  We have migrated from an older Peoplesoft system.  In the past we applied tax updates as required and performed testing that would account for the various tax scenario's.  The effort and resourcing required was fairly low (5-10 days)   We are currently working with a system's integrator that partnered with us to implement our SAP solution.  They have cautioned us that this years tax update requires a Service Pack level in SAP (SAP_HR version SP92 and EA_HR version SP49).  We are currently at SP 84 and SP 46 respectively.   We have been told that there are quite a few changes included in these SP, especially in Payroll that will require significant testing in SAP.  This appears to require many resources to support extensive testing.  We are looking to apply the minimial technical solution and apply the tax updates required to support year end (2015) processing  and year begin (2016) processing.


      We are currently running the following SAP Environment: SAP_HR version 6 EHP 6.04 - SP84  (in addition EA_HR 606 0046 and SAP_HRCCA 604 0084).  We have impletement TM (CATS), BN, PY, TE, OM, PA.


      I would like to know what other companies experiences are with these year end updates.

      Can you only implement the CLC's required and delay the implementation of the SP notes not critical for year end processing? 

      What type of testing are others planning to support test SP's/Year end updates? 

      How much time/resources are typically budgeted for the year end updates in other companies?

      Is this years updates any different than updates in the past?