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    Cycle Count Processes

    Tom Hearons
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      Hello everyone,


      Our company stores our products in pallet load quantities.  Each pallet load has a unique bar coded label (HU) and gets scanned into inventory once the manufacturing process is complete.


      Our cycle count process is to cycle count by bin/bay in the warehouse.  We cycle count 100% of the bins/bays in our warehouses each year, spreading out the counts so that 25% of bins/bays are counted each quarter during the calendar year. And to make the cycle count process easier, we recommend to cycle count bays when bays are emptied.  Slow moving items then cause some bays to be cycle counted by physically scanning the pallets if the bays need to be cycle counted be the end of a quarter.


      I am wondering if other companies use simpler methods for cycle counting, or if SAP has other processes for cycle counting inventories that may be better for products like ours.


      Please respond if you have any suggestions.




      Tom Hearons