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    New to SolMan

    Wayne Eaton

      We just had our go-live of SAP for PTP, R2R, and QM.  Went very well.  HANA, Simple Finance 2.0- all the latest.  We are also hosting our infrastructure with another provider.  They run their own instance of SolMan for all their SAP customers for monitoring.

      Our SI did not use SolMan during our implementation but as we got towards the end of the project we started to see it would have been best if we had used SolMan from the start.  We do have future implementations of other SAP modules and are planning them now and we hope to use it from the start of the project.

      However, looking back at what we just accomplished, can we go back and pull in all the system and configuration information and use SolMan as it was intended?  Are there any risks to our environment by doing these things post go-live?

      Also, as we're learning, SolMan does a lot.  What would be the top 5 things we should put on our punch-list to get going with SolMan?