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    US Benefits coverage issue after the changes with the disability status on IT0077

    Debbie Eck
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      I'm reaching out to see if anyone else is encountering issues after the new compliance changes on infotype 77 were applied.


      For our life insurance we use both age grouping and coverage groupings.  After the changes went in which changed the disability check box to a drop down, the X - indication "Has a disability (or previously had one), where prior to the changes the X indication was Has a disability.


      That is when our issue originated, since our feature is set up to look at disability = x Yes, given the difference in the text and employees self identifying, certain employees in an age grouping of 55-65 now have had their coverage reduced,  And, we are in the middle of Open Enrollment!!


      Does anyone else use that for decisions for benefit coverage or eligibility, and what did you do to fix it??