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    How are Notifications/Requests for Work handled in your Organization?

    Alishia Jolivette
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      How are Notifications/Requests for Maintenance Work handled in your Organization?

      How are Maintenance Notifications handled? Do you have a Call Center? Are the Maintenance Notifications created directly in SAP? Is your organization using a 3rd party app, Are the notifications or requests reviewed prior to being created as an actual SAP Maintenance Notification?

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          Tony Brown

          Hi Alishia


          At Eastman, most anyone  in a plant environment has the ability to create a notification/work request. Depending upon the location, notifications are approved by either a manufacturing lead person we refer to as a Validator, or in other cases are approved and converted to work orders by the maintenance planners/supervisors.


          Up until now, we have used standard SAP transactions for creating the notifications. We are now in the process of implementing a Fiori APP for creating notifications and a separate APP for converting the notification to work orders. The APP is very user friendly and is built in a way to operate on either a desktop or mobile device.  SO far, the APPs seem to be really popular and well received and I would suggest looking into this option, especially with utilizing mobile devices for use of the APP.


          Hope this helps and I will gladly share with you APPs we are deploying now and some things we're considering in the near future.


          Tony Brown

          Eastman Chemical

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            Ande Elkins

            Hi there.

            We decided to balance cost and business need for capturing our notification/order process.

            Maintenance employees, and Operation lead personnel have SAP user accounts.

            (Using the standard SAP transactions to create notifications, and approve to work orders within SAP)


            However, the bulk of operation personnel, external contractors, etc utilize a Plant Maintenance SAP web portal.

            That way, they can enter notifications (and view reports) without the cost of individual SAP account licenses.

            (the portal only requires one SAP user license connecting via webservice... ie, PMWEB01)

            We find that the training for the web portal is also less complex.

            Mind you, this is primarily for employees not needing the advanced features of SAP to perform their duties.

            Just an option to consider ;-)