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    Costing-results analysis change

    Marie Mills
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      We have been using results analysis method 3( old resource billing) in controlling product costing by sales order to defer costs in PCA for a billing process where we charge the client the budget upfront and then as their employees submit expenses the costs are deferred until the "TECO" status is set on the sales order line where the expense was posted to.



      Our process has been redesigned in SD to the following:


      • No resource billing
      • The budget will be charged to the client in one sales order.
      • The employee expenses when submitted for payment will be in another sales order.


      The question is which results analysis method should be used now that the costs will be charged to a sales where no revenue will ever be posted. We need to defer the costs until the "TECO" status is set on the order.


      Thanks for your help,