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    Shreyas Pandya
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      Hi All,


      I have few queries related to the Standard Approve Purchase Requisition: OData service named GBAPP_PRAPPROVAL

      and MS Outlook Integration.


      Currently, SAP provides below mentioned Fiori (approval apps) business solutions that can be represented in Microsoft Outlook as a Task Items using GWM Outlook Add-in Visual Studio Project:


      • Approve Purchase Requisition: OData service name is GBAPP_PRAPPROVAL
      • Approve Travel Request: OData service name is SRA009_SRV
      • Shopping Cart Approval: OData service name is CARTAPPROVAL
      • Approve Travel Expenses: OData service name is SRA008_SRV
      • Approve Leave Requests: OData service name is LEAVEAPPROVAL
      • Approve Purchase Contracts: OData service name is SRA001_PCAPPROVAL
      • Approve Purchase Orders: OData service name is GBAPP_POAPPROVAL


      I want to know if there’s any standard way to retrieve the above workflow items as E-mail items into my normal Outlook Email Inbox instead of Outlook Task Items?


      SAP Gateway for Microsoft (GWM) does not support work-items as emails as per the latest release GWM SP04 Patch 2 but work is under progress on an App for Office application in the emails which would retrieve work-items from SAP back-end and support approval scenarios as well. For this application SAP is leveraging on Task Processing Service V2 which Fiori My Inbox also uses.

      In this scenario when the request is completed in Office 365 (Outlook 2013), work-item gets completed in SAP Back end (BPM) and in turn in Fiori My Inbox as well.


      Is there any update from SAP on this area?




      Shreyas Pandya