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    Ellen Jones
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      Hi everyone, we're currently gathering information in preparation of replacing our very out of date helpdesk software.  Since we are an SAP shop, and have CHARM installed, I have been tasked to find out if anyone uses CHARM as a helpdesk solution to manage the entire environment, not just SAP-related issues/changes.  Alternatively, does anyone use CHARM in combination with a separate helpdesk/servicedesk software as a comprehensive solution?  We would need a product that is easily configurable by non-developers.

      Thank you.

      Ellen Jones

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          Tammy Powlas

          Ellen - we use Solution Manager for Incident Management (Helpdesk) and Charm

          We did this in-house using the Expert Guided Implementation offered by SAP Support.

          I believe Solution Manager will interface with other systems


          You can use both for non-SAP systems.

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            Ellen Jones

            Hi Tammy, thank you for your reply. Could you ballpark effort and configuration costs?  We have SolMgr and Charm in-house, but we are a small IT shop, and don't have many development resources.



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              Tammy Powlas

              Hi Ellen - I did the configuration myself, inside the 4 day EGI course (2 hours lecture, with time afterwards spent on the system) for Charm


              Same for Incident Management - you configure yourself in a sandbox using the EGI online course from SAP


              The rest of the time is spent training and testing.


              We are a small shop too and we did it all in-house ourselves.

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                Ellen Jones

                Hi Tammy, thanks again for your reply.  I will check this out, we have a long list of requirements for our new helpdesk software, not sure if an SAP solution will be able to fulfill them but no harm in looking into it.