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    Business Changing Characteristics in COPA

    Dane Hager
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      Hello All,


      We've had a recent requirement come up from our business looking to have an update or enhancement program created that can post-date changes to characteristics in COPA. The reasoning is, at the time an order is created, they may not accurately know the end usage of the product they are selling. They may later on come to know the Industry / End Usage of that product, however that may be after it's fully invoiced and the order is completed in our system (think, Point of Sale data). In this case, then, no more COPA documents would be posted, without some sort of manual intervention like KEFC/KE21N


      Has anyone else allowed their business to change their characteristics for something like this? We're looking at doing an update program that essentially negates out all previous records for that order (even if there's 20 records going back multiple months), and will create a new 20 records for that order where the business would be allowed to specify which fields need changing.