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    MDG Hub Model - Configuration Synchronization

    Prasad Vempati

      MDG Hub Model - Configuration Synchronization:


      In MDG hub model scenario connecting to multiple non harmonized ERP systems appears to be a challenge. There is no easy way to synchronize configuration between multiple ERP systems to a central MDG Hub instance. Configuration conflicts and overrides appears to be constant challenge.


      In the scenario we are considering, ERP Systems are the source of configuration. MDG consolidates configuration to support Customer and Material creation across multiple ERP systems.


      Typically challenges with this approach are:

      • Identification of all objects that needs to be synchronized – The list provided by SAP is a good starting point. Good amount of work is required to understand the additional objects based on individual implementations
      • Resolving conflicts between various configuration entries between ERP systems.
      • Complicated ChaRM and Retrofit based set-up to synchronize configuration from ERP systems to MDG Hub instance


      I would like your feedback on:

      • Are you experiencing similar challenges with your MDG Hub implementation?
      • If yes, how have you addressed these challenges?
      • Do you have any thoughts or proposals on how best this situation can be addressed?


      Below is a proposal and would like your feedback if this approach makes sense or not:

      Virtual configuration mode for MDG – In this mode, MDG can be configured to connect to various ERP Systems based on user role, customer or material type (or other parameters) and pull configuration in real time from external ERP systems. This configuration will be leveraged in the MDG User Interface in the drop downs and validations as necessary to complete the set-up process.


      Validation approach may have to be changed to accommodate virtual configuration mode. Some Data model changes may be required to address DB integrity constraints.


      This approach will help reduce the complexity of synchronizing configuration information from all ERP systems to a central MDG system and most importantly avoid the need to harmonize configuration of all of ERP Systems.


      The proposed approach above is just one option and we are open if there are better options/alternatives and your feedback