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    Global Labeling Solutions for SAP

    Dale Hull
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      Lord Corporation is a global process and discrete manufacturing company. We currently use WWI for GHS regulated Safety Data Sheets and Product Labels.  We also use SAP Peak Automation Controller (PAC) for customer, product, and shipping labels.   We use Zebra and CAB label printers and Motorola Scanning devices.  We have been experiencing some issues and need to start incorporating color, symbols, and other languages into our labels.  We are looking for a solution that is simple to use and manage and supports multiple languages.   We would like to know what other companies similar to Lord use as their labeling solution.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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          Hi Dale,


          I am Pugal Shanmugam, a senior consultant in the area of SAP EHS. I have implemented  SAP label printing solution for various companies which involved development  of GHS compliant labels for various regions using SAP GLM and WWI solutions. With WWI and GLM all the features you have mentioned like font colour, symbols and multiple label languages can be achieved. As of part our SAP GLM project implementation we have developed advanced accelerators that can perform dynamic languages on labels.


          Also are you aware of recent GLM+ module that makes label printing easier with Print Request concept? Please let me know and we discuss in detail.


          Regarding your question, most of the companies that use SAP ERP and SAP EHS in particular tend to implement and use SAP GLM solution. This way both ERP and EHS information are available in one system and label printing becomes integrated well with other SAP EHS process like SDS authoring and regulatory management. If the companies don't use label solution integrated with ERP and/or EHS solution them the label solution involves complex data interfaces which makes the labelling process complex.



          Pugal Shanmugam