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    ASUG Southern California Chapter Meeting July 23rd at the LAX Marriott

    Andy Duran
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      Join us on July 23rd, 2015 at the LAX Marriott, California to learn and network with fellow SAP Users. The keynote topic will be presented by the Walt Disney Company on Warehouse Management and RF Technology.  There are more exciting presentations on B2B plus B2C and Social Networking, SAP Hana Preparation, UX with GuiXT, Persona and FIORI and IOS and Android and many more. The Chapter has also arranged for an afternoon relaxing networking event with food and fun to get the communication channels flowing. Register and Join us and your fellow peers for this exciting event.


      Keynote address from the Disney Company.


      Complementary afternoon networking event.


        Register for this event online at www.asug.com.




      Walt Disney Company and Warehouse management with RF technology – A Customer Story


      Srinivasa Chakravarthi Kavuri, Yee Yah Fong  Walt Disney Company


      In the Walt Disney Company we have implemented Warehouse management and RF technology - with ITS mobile for 13 Warehouses across the globe. We will present/share our (Customer) stories and lessons learned.

      Business Network is:B2B + B2C + Social Network


        Yingwu GaoSAP


      Who is the king in B2B world, and how it could evolve? How is the Business Network formed?     What is the foundation and framework to enable all business related functions, activities, transactions, flows, and the actors to conduct businesses without the limit of geography, language, currency, time, and size? Why the Business Network is B2B plus B2C plus Social Network? Who can innovate the best and lead in this exciting area? Who has benefited from it, and who will benefit from it even further and greater?  What is SAP's role here, including the acquired companies? How does the business rationale embrace various pieces like vision, trending, and technology? What are the success stories and what's next?    The presentation will discuss the above questions both from fresh view point, and solid case to support. 

      Prepare SAP Systems for SAP HANA


        Clarence Williams, Alejandra Vasquez <tbd>, Intellicorp


      Prepare SAP Systems for SAP HANA    In this session, learn how you can get your SAP systems ready for SAP HANA using smart impact analysis technology. Find out how to upgrade to SAP HANA quickly and with minimal effort and risk. Learn how to analyze SAP data and guarantee its integrity, consistency and security across multiple systems. Hear how one company used technology to reduce their SAP HANA upgrade effort by 1000 hours vs. a manual approach. 

      Driving Innovation within the Highly Regulated Medical Segment


      Eric Lin, Heather Chase <tbd>, Applied Medical


      Applied Medical, a leading provider of breakthrough technologies for Minimally Invasive and General Surgery, is guided by the belief that we are responsible for satisfying the three fundamental healthcare needs—cost containment, enhanced clinical outcomes, and unrestricted choice. We invest heavily in team members, R&D and advanced manufacturing technologies in order to develop the products and processes that allow us to satisfy our customers’ needs. As a vertically-integrated organization, we develop and manufacture our products in-house and provide exceptional customer service, support and education. This allows us to quickly and efficiently make product enhancements and develop new technologies. Vertical integration also allows us to control costs, closely manage supply lines and ensure the highest product quality, availability and compliance. To support our innovation goals, we realized the need to reengineering and transform many of our product development processes and systems. Starting in 2012, we assessed our processes and systems and made the strategic decision to adopt SAP PLM to better position our company to further drive our innovation strategies while meeting ever more stringent regulatory requirements. This presentation will review our PLM program from assessment to go live in 2014, lessons learned, expected benefits and our ongoing expansion plans.    Find out how Applied Medical   –  Improved efficiencies to work processes and data/document management  –  Accelerated & streamlined change processes  – Reduced manual efforts  –  Established centralized access to all product related information


        SAP UX with a new GuiXT for iOS, Android, Web, SAP GUI


      Thomas Ewe, CEO, Synactive Inc.


      The ability to provide functionality through an intuitive user experience is critical today in improving system usage, data quality, adoption of business processes and delivering efficiencies throughout ones company.    Liquid UI delivers a fast return on your ERP investment, with dramatic increase in productivity (in some cases, more than 80% as indicated by customers such as Hillyard), drastic cuts in SAP training time (e.g. Marathon Oil brought input notification training down to 30 minutes), and eliminating 95% of errors as resulted by Canada Post. We have helped hundreds of companies in Utilities, Oil and Gas, Retail, etc improve compliance, data quality, accelerate process completion time by simplifying SAP from Plant Maintenance to Sales and Distribution, for users in the office to those out in the field with or without network connectivity.    A new, colorful web-based design, delivered through a browser creates a modern user experience, or a native iOS app and Android app can connect directly to SAP with no additional software required.  For a streamlined user experience, the Liquid UI SAP UX platform provides one unified, fully secure, usability strategy across desktop, web, and mobile devices with one native connection, one development effort, one code base and one script.     With deployment on SAP R/3 4.6 or above, with or without SAP HANA, you can achieve an ROI quickly, any existing SAP environment.    Through patented connectivity to SAP, Liquid UI's data and web services functionality provides the flexibility to combine information from other applications with SAP, i.e.  Sales Force CRM integration with ERP screens. This holistic, unified platform approach seamlessly brings together the required data from one's ERP and related sources and makes it available in one screen design format to any touchpoint within the organization.   

      SAP Cloud for Planning on Hana Cloud Platform


      Pravin Datar <tbd>, SAP


      This session provides an overview of SAP Cloud for Planning, SAP's latest planning solution on public cloud delivered on Hana Cloud Platform. SAP Cloud for Planning is future-oriented, people-centric, and analytics-embedded. It is designed to make planning simpler with embedded analysis and collaboration capabilities. Plan and simulate at any level of detail, with any number of users, at any time across Finance and business units with direct integration into SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.  

      Extended Warehouse Management – Case Study from the floor


      Srivats Srinivasan, Parminder Singh , Deloitte


      Key drivers to achieve eWM functionality leveraging Full RF capabilities that include complex Inbound and Outbound processing to ensure reduction in overall delinquency and higher inventory accuracy. A case study on how the implementation was done leveraging SAP eWM standard functionalities to achieve these results.     

      Facing the Cliff … Are you ready for the new SAP? HANA and Mobility


      Merith McAuliff, <tbd>, Worksoft, Inc.


      SAP application landscapes are continuing to grow in complexity. Revolutionary extensions including HANA and Mobility bring incredible value yet also new risks for enterprises. Businesses expect access to all enterprise systems 24x7 from any device.  Cloud deployments are increasingly common. Changes are constant with SAP. And budgets are not keeping pace.    Join Worksoft for a session focused on how global SAP organizations are dealing with these challenges, mitigating risk, facilitating faster deployments of technology updates, and reducing costs.  


      •          Learn about the new risks of on-demand, on-premise, on-device platforms and how to manage those risks in an SAP environment


      •           Hear how global SAP organizations including Colgate-Palmolive, Monsanto, Coca-Cola, and Dow Corning are tackling these challenges 


      •            See a demonstration of the automation solutions used by these firms to thoroughly validate and manage all changes



      User Experience Management: Enabling User to Drive Your UX Strategy


      Jesse Bernal, Knoa Software


      Creating efficiency, building value, and lessening complexity are top of mind with any SAP UX project. But why is user data key to helping drive users to a better working experience? User data can help you create a UX road map that allows business professionals to get a complete view of your current user needs such as specific transactions that encounter the most user errors and key business processes that take users the longest. In this 45-minute session, you will learn how the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa captures user data and allows you to make data-driven decisions about your UX road map. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to unlock more value from your SAP investment.

      Influence – How Can you and Your Company Can Impact the Future of SAP Software


      Monica Becker,  <tbd>, SAP


      Collaboration with SAP - Outline of the available SAP influence programs and short customer success story. LUMIRA Road Map - Visualize data on premise, in the cloud, on device. SAP Lumira provides agility for the business users in a trusted