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    Ordering Configurable materials (KMATs) on Suppliers

    Susan Ross
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      My company is enabling (on SAP) additional product lines that have significant variability in purchased product.   We are looking to leverage SAP's configurable materials with a subset of our suppliers.   I.E. rather than having a fixed top level material for each possible configuration we need to order, we are interested to use configurable materials and purchase orders with the order specific characteristics copied down from the Sales Order.


      One of the challenges we are running in to is that there is no out of the box forecasting solution for use with discrete POs.


      Would be interested in hearing about experiences and process options with other SAP customers who have implemented this from a procurement / supplier standpoint.


      thank you

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          Ashok Sirupa

          Hello Susan,

          I understand your challenge developing a solution for configurable products. We have implemented solutions using standard SAP functionality to procure configurable products using VC characteristics. We have implemented variant pricing in MM and also supported communication via EDI and worked with suppliers to make necessary enhancements on their end.  In addition, we also have experience in developing solutions for planning and doing an ATP for specific configuration. Currently, we are working on a solution where supplier is will be  sub-contractor rather standard third party/drop ship process.


          Let me know if you would like to more about the solution.



          Ashok Sirupa


          SBP Consulting Inc