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    ROE change to 53 Week XML Payroll Extract File XML version 2.0

    Remi C. Corriveau
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      We've been advised that Service Canada is decommissioning it's older ROE Web formats (http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/services/ei/employers/roe/resources/decommissioning.shtml) and forcing everyone to migrate to the new 53 Week format, there exists an Automated Earnings Reporting System (Automated Earnings Reporting System - Service Canada) where the data has to be "per week", and since April 2013, they have been calculating the EI Benefits based on the "Best Weeks" (http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/ei/vbw/index.shtml).


      From what I have been able to gather and understand, SAP will provide the new "53 Week XML Payroll Extract File XML version 2.0" in October, with the HRSP, and those of us who have bi-weekly, bi-monthly or monthly payroll will not have to provide "weekly" payroll results. 

      Your feedback would be appreciated.