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    Opportunity to Influence High Tech SIG - Deadline 6/26(next friday)

    Krishna Yalamanchi
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      What innovations are there for High Tech?



      Overall there are 100 projects to register, below are relevant for the High Tech Community Members:





      If you find a project that may be of interest to a co-worker, SAP asks that you to forward the project using the “Send an Email” link on the project page.


      How can I sign up?


      Go to the SAP website to register.



      Follow-up after registration


      When you register, you will be sent a confirmation from.  When you register for a project, you will be invited to an introductory call SAP; at this point further participation is optional. Typically signing a Feedback Agreement with SAP will be part of the procedure.


      The deadline for this first cycle is on June 26, 2015.


      Note: The above information was pulled together from various sources: SAP, ASUG sites with a few edits from Krishna Yalamanchi Gokul Muthuswamy & content format  from Tammy Powlas

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