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    Looking for input on changing to real time vacation program

    Jay Sutherland
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      Currently our employees accrue vacation time during the working year and that accrual is loaded on the vacation policy date (currently the time accrued from June 1 to May 31 gets loaded on June 1 of following year).  We want to change to a real time accrual program where the time accrued gets loaded into employee quota's at the end of each day/week/biweekly/monthly period and are looking for input from other companies that have a real time accrual vacation set up today. 

      How and what frequency do you load the accrual for your employees?

      Do you have a cut-off date for a policy year? how do you handle remaining balances from the previous year?

      Or does your quota run to the end of time but have a maximum balance employees are allowed to have at one time?


      Any other points you think we should consider in changing our policy and any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.