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    Sell and buy back model

    Brian McGrath
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      Does anyone have any experience with a sell and buy back model in SAP?  We have a Chemical division and it is our understanding that sell and buy back is a very common Chemical inventory management model.  The only way we have found to handle this is by using the chargeable components model within SAP which seems cumbersome.  Are there any other options? 



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          Are you talking about a Swap or exchanges type of agreement (e.g. sell a commodity type material in 1 period (e.g. due to shortage or turnaround) with expectation of buying back in another)?  I'm familiar with those types of agreements.


          Or you may be talking about a toll type of agreement (we sell a company 1 or more materials with contract to buy back a converted material - e.g. packaged, chemically converted, etc.) 


          Both of these are common chemical industry practices.   Have some familiarity with them.