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    Super User or Power User Maturity Assessment

    Gareth Lowndes
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      Dear Colleagues,



      I am about to embark on a project to measure the maturity of my companies
      Super Users. The hope is we will identify skill GAP's at a local level and
      be able to report these on a global level and consolidate these learning
      GAP's into a report.


      There are many different tools for skills capture and I'm involving HR as a
      speaking partner in my project.


      Although I will be measuring competence in our IT platform, SAP, APO etc.
      The skills capture will most likely be an excel exercise, however will provide
      insight into tool related training problems. We will of course offer a curriculum
      to close these skill GAP's later.


      I'm wondering if anyone here has initiated a similar exercise, and if so
      maybe we can compare notes share ideas and collaborate.



      Best regards