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    BW \ HANA archiving

    Scott Rohrbach
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      We are looking at starting to archive some data from our BW \ HANA system we have some tables that have grown quite large.  I'd thought I's ask if anyone has seen any issues with the BWREQARCH archiving object or if there are any big differences between archiving in BW \ HANA and ECC?



      Scott Rohrbach

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          Dishant Ahuja

          Hi Scott,


          With ECC you have standard pre-defined ECC Archiving objects but with BW there are mostly custom objects.


          Our organization specializes in SAP ILM/Archiving . For over 17 years we have been providing solutions and services to enable organizations to implement Archiving/ILM  in their SAP ERP and BW systems. Our solutions are designed to achieve the benefits of ILM/Archiving  without comprising access for their users.


          Our customers include many fortune 500 companies and others throughout North America.


          A well executed archiving project can provide significant benefits in terms of


          • Reducing TCO of the SAP systems-ERP and BW
          • Improving systems performance/response
          • Minimizing corporate liability by getting rid of expired data
          • Significantly reducing the cost of adopting New technologies like SAP HANA  the cost of which are driven by data volumes.


          (We have helped Several organizations save a tremendous amount of money by implementing archiving prior to adopting SAP HANA).


          I would be pleased to do a demo. And discussion for your organization without any obligations.


          I am sure that your organization will find it to be very informative and educational.


          Please advise when would be a convenient time for you and I will schedule the webex session.


          Looking forward to hearing from you.


          Best Personal Regards.



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