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    Actual Labor and Machine Time Interfacing from ME to ECC

    Mauricio Carvalho
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      Dear All,


      One of the drivers of our ME implementation was to capture actual labor and machine costs for the production order.


      ME really captures the actual labor time spend in the shop orders, but it does not send the information to SAP. I did a lot of research in the ME Wiki and reading the help documentation.


      My understanding is that there is a way to  send the labor cost to SAP. You have to maintain the standard value key in ME and also maintain the aduling standards in ME.


      Then as you complete your operation a screen or as SAP calls it a plug-in will allow the operator to enter the time he spend in set up, labor or machine.


      This information once approved by a supervisor or automatically flows to ECC through MEINT.


      Being honest with you, this is unbelievable complicate for the machine operator, can cause several mistakes and in fact it is adding more work to the operator than simply using ECC.


      This seems like a bug or is this the way ME is supposed to work?


      I am sure other clients from SAP that implemented ME are not happy with this solution. Is there a solution to this issue? How does SAP envision actual costing being calculated in an environment where ME is used. Did other clients develop new activities that would collect actual times automatically? This is really a critical issue for us that may jeopardize the whole concept of implementing MII/ME in our other plants.


      Thanks in advance,