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    Kanban return to vendor deliveries

    Vickey Montano
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      We are creating a delivery in a quality notification to return parts to a vendor.  The delivery and transfer creates fine but we are receiving the below error during post good issue.  We are using only one storage location so I'm not sure what this means.


      Storage location must be the same for all Kanbans

      Message no. PK366


      You are posting a goods receipt that sets several Kanbans to the status Full. At the same time, the material is being posted to storage locations in WM that are assigned to the corresponding control cycles. These control cycles are assigned to different storage locations. Consequently, the system would have to use a single posting item to make postings to several locations in WM.

      System Response

      This is not possible.


      Check your entry. If required, divide the posting into two or more items, so that postings can only be made to one storage location with each position.