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    SAP EWM Implementations and Upgrades

    Angie Pinz
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      We are currently leveraging  PKMS to run our distribution facilities.  I am looking for a bit more information from people that have actually implemented SAP's EWM in the US, in regards to a few things...

      1) Did anyone migrate from Manhattan to EWM and if so, what type of effort was involved?  Business satisfaction with EWM?

      2) Has anyone upgraded EWM, and if so, were you able to do that internally?  Effort involved?

      3) General comparison of Manhattan WMS to EWM.  Features?  Challenges? etc?


      Thanks so much! - Angie

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          Ryan Bezenek

          Hi Angie,


          I'm not your intended audience for this question, but Ariat did go through an extensive WMS evaluation about three months ago.  During that evaluation, we were told by several folks (including Attune and SAP) that there weren't any AFS customers on eWM in the United States and there was really only one customer on eWM in Europe.


          If you'd like to talk more about the evaluation we went through and where we eventually ended up in our thinking, I'd be happy to expound more on that.