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    Depreciation Errors in Feb Post; Please Help!

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      Depreciation  Errors in February Post; can't determine why:

      We ran AFAB for the assets that would post;

      Then  the AFBP to get a list of the assets that won't post their Depreciation in February. 

      In the past 14 years the only errors where when a cost center was closed.   I double checked and these CC are open. 

      Error 0000000001  


      We closed FA for February but did not transfer the balances yet. 

      Now when I look at an asset with error it shows as posted in the Subsidiary but still did not post to the GL Accounts 



      What happens if we transfer the FA balances?  

      I think I will need to do a manual JV to get the depreciation expense and Accum into our GL 

      What are the repercussions if any? 


      Thank you for your earliest response.