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    Project Systems on HANA - Q&A

    Kent Bettisworth
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      Todays PME webinar, The Fascinating World of Project Systems (PS) on HANA presented by Gerald Steele, generated a long list of questions...Here are some of those questions:


      Q: How long to migrate from Project Systems (PS) on ECC6 to PS on HANA?

      A: You cannot migrate only PS.  The migration requires moving off ECC6 to HANA for all processes, and therefore, the migration length would most likely be as long as prior efforts for a company of your size.


      Q: Are there any Fiori transactions w/o HANA?

      A: Not to our knowledge.


      Q: Is Fiori supported on OSS?

      A: Yes


      Q: Are the same Project System tables in use in HANA as in ECC?

      A: Yes today, however this will most likely change.


      Watch for the posting of today's presentation and webinar recording.