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    Buy America process and communication using SAP

    Jill Larson
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      Puget Sound Energy is looking for information on how best to utilize SAP to track and communicate through the network when a project requires items that are made per the Buy America regulations.  If an existing and non-custom feature currently exists, please provide the workflow information.  The avenue that is preferred is:


      1. Project manager creating the Tasks will flag the project for Buy America if funds are going to be provided by state or federal entities.


      2. Products are loaded into the components list that are designated as complying with Buy America requirements.  That is, the warehouse stocks products that are preapproved to be Buy America compliant.


      3. Tracking of the Buy America requirement through to Purchasing for items not stocked in the warehouse.


      A search of fields in the tasks, notifications, work orders, requistions & PO's have not proved to reveal a field that can be visible throughout the entire work flow to the point of receiving products with the certificate or origin attached to the products.


      Does any utility already have a process in place?  If so, how is SAP used for this requirement.



      Jill Larson