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    What is S4Hana ?

    Sundaram Authi


      What is S4Hana ? IS it just a reporting layer which makes reporting faster ?

      Will it replace SAP ECC and the existing Client Server (in ECC's Case - Gui, App Server , DB server Architecture) ?

      I thought earlier it was an in-memory reporting platform which can run with / without SAP BW (multiple architecture's possible)

      Now on reading some more stuff, it has its own inbuild DB - which means u need to run it on its own DB - no oracle DB2 etc.

      Also, we can run SAP ECC on HANA DB - (exampe - SFin) - where is all this headed .. this is kinda confusing.

      What will be the future enterprise models (SAP Specific) ?

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          Gretchen Lindquist

          No, S/4 HANA is not just a reporting layer. It is a completely new  and simplified architecture, where the Business Suite, BW, and other components that have resided separately will all be on the one HANA database, whether in the cloud or on premise. I encourage you to do some online searches on this topic, starting here:

          SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA




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            Gerardo Reyn

            Hi,  I would like to understand the difference between BSoH  and S/4HANA ?

            We currently have ECC 6,  we are in the process to move BSoH (EHP7 + HANADB),  we are in the right Path?  o we must to move S/4 HANA instead ?

            O maybe S/4HANA = BSoH + Simple Finance + Others Optimizations for HANA  ??

            Thanks in advance

            Best Regrds.

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              Watch this S4/AHNA launch video Authi to answer your question:




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                Gerardo Reyn

                Thanks, Richard.

                I previously saw that video, and the doubt continues. What is the difference between BSoH and S/4HANA ?

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                  Gretchen Lindquist

                  Your doubts can be resolved here.


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                    Gerardo Reyn

                    Thanks,   for you recommendation ( funny by the way)

                    I was Expecting some ASUG Member have more information regarding  S4/HANA,  but I am realizing that is not true.

                    May be SAP is not  communicating in a good way the marketing fot this product.

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                      Danny Pancratz

                      Gerardo, our ASUG News team is exploring many of these same topics in their coverage of the S/4HANA announcement. You might find some of their articles helpful: http://www.asugnews.com/search?q=s%2F4hana&o=all


                      We'll try to share many of their articles in this space, but another helpful resource is to subscribe to their "Weekly Wrap-up." Each Friday they send a digest and summary of all their coverage, as well as other important topics in the ASUG/SAP ecosystem. All of their S/4 coverage will be included in these wrap-ups and it's a simple way to make sure you don't miss anything.

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                        Gerardo Reyn




                        The other thing I wish SAP would have done last week is talk explicitly about how customers can get there from here. A roadmap would have been nice, and based on what they were talking about at TechEd Berlin last year, there’s something to say about when the S/4HANA follow-ons to Simple Finance, like Procurement. Manufacturing, Supply Chain, HRMS, etc., will be available.

                        But more importantly, SAP needs to tell the story about how a customer running ECC 6.0 becomes a customer running S/4HANA. They should approach it like a recipe – take one enhancement pack 7 update, add a database migration service, sprinkle in some Fiori upgrades to ECC 6.0, do a HANA RDS implementation, switch to Simple Finance, bake until well-done. Then start on the second course – be it manufacturing, HR, whatever. And along the way answer some tough questions: What’s the process? What’s the complexity? What tools and services will SAP provide? How long will it take? What’s the cost? What’s the value? If SAP wants to get S/4HANA on the strategic planning agenda, it needs to give strategic planners something to go on.


                        content - IEEECS

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                          Gretchen Lindquist


                          I suppose everything is relative, but to me, SAP is doing a pretty good job of communicating considering how new this solution is. After all, this brand name was *just* announced only a few weeks ago. I would expect that we will hear much more about it at ASUG/SAPPHIRE, and this early announcement is intended to get some "buzz" before the big events.

                          Be sure to look for the Open SAP courses on it.



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                            Sundaram Authi


                            Well said !! i completely agree with you. I have been implementing SAP solutions for a very long time - As Gretchen mentioned, this is a tectonic shift !! All of SAP's products now will use simplified Database Structures (HANA) and all will be in-memory, imagine what happens to order entry - or for that matter - Stock report - what used to run for minutes will now be available in milli-seconds !!

                            Win-win for the customer(s) ... and smaller footprints ...

                            speed to decision for business will definitely improve !!