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    Supplier Ship Date for a PO Line

    W. Scott Klingensmith
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      We have built custom logic in SAP ECC that allows us to notify our suppliers of the exact date that they need to ship product in order to fulfill our requested delivery date on a PO line.  We store our calculated ship date in a custom field on table EKET (Scheduling Agreement Schedule Lines) which is where the standard field (EINDT) for the PO line delivery date is located.


      The first step of our calculation uses the PO line delivery date.  We subtract the transportation time that is maintained on the PIR or maintained in a custom table by supplier/purchasing organization (optional)/plant (optional) from the PO line delivery date.


      The second step in our calculation incorporates a shipment indicator (custom field maintained by supplier/purchasing organization) which allows
      us to determine if it’s a domestic or international shipment where the transportation will occur over the weekend.


      In the third and final step of our calculation, we adjust the calculated ship date based on a custom shipment calendar that is assigned to the supplier/purchasing organization that allows us to know what days of the week the supplier ships and incorporates non-working holidays as well.


      If the PO line is modified and the delivery date is changed by the PO owner, we adjust the calculated ship date accordingly using PO workflow.


      Does anyone know if we can achieve the same result by using standard SAP functionality in SAP ECC?  Does SAP provide the ability to calculate a supplier ship date for a PO line based on the requested delivery date?



      W. Scott Klingensmith

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          Hi Scott we have exactly the same  requirement. We found a solution which is worse in what you are doing. We are using the delivery date as the cargo ready date. In the md04 and ATP the date is rausde with the transport time which is stored in a customer field.


          We are know looking into S/4 and I want to get change this into a standard SAP solution. Die you found a way?


          BR albert