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    Upcoming Webcast (3/12) - How Moen Puts Quality First Using SAP's Mobile Platform

    Kristen Dennis
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      Presented by the PLM - Quality Management SIG and is relevant for BITI Mobile as well!!!


      To support Moen’s stringent Field Quality initiatives, recording and reacting to problems that arise in the field is critical to preventing future issues from occurring. Our existing Quality Notification infrastructure already stores the appropriate information, but making the process of capturing field information more efficient was needed. In this session, you will learn about Moen’s journey to mobilize the process using SAP’s Mobile Platform.

      Key Learning Points

      • Learn how Moen leveraged SAP’s Mobile Platform to collect and report Field Quality data
      • Understand the business benefits received from mobilizing
      • Find out about the challenges encountered while implementing a new mobile solution 

      March 12: PLM - Quality Management: How Moen Puts Quality First Using SAP's Mobile Platform