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    SAP Partner from Hell

    Larry Bowdish

      We bought SAP Business One, 9.1, HANA.  The implementation has been extremely frustrating, and it's no where near where it should be.  We had hardware comparability errors that only got fixed after I called SAP.  I have installed Suse 4 times, and now I am being asked to install it a fifth time.   The person who is supposed to be our technical consultant spend 3 days installing B1 and HANA.  Then he spent 6 hours trying to get the client to work, last Friday, and 2 hours today.  Now I'm being asked to erase the disks, delete the raids, create new raids, re-install Suse. 


      He says their expert says that is what needs to happen.  We have been working on this starting January 15.  Installing HANA and B1 shouldn't be that hard, should it??


      Am I being overly critical??

      Thanks for letting me vent.