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    What is the Best practice for task lists to be used in work orders?

    Don Kennedy
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      We hear a lot about best practice this, and best practice that.  I like the sound of it but I want to make sure I am following the

      best practice for my company instead one that might be for a totally different type of company. I work for a utility and have been

      tasked with cleaning up some of the messes we have had in SAP in the past.  Most of this comes from having no clear cut direction

      on how to structure work orders, task lists, maint plans etc.  The plan that has been derived now is have a seperate operation that is basically

      the same on all orders.  0010 is blank...used for a special circumstance...0020 is for tailboard..instructions...0030 is for operations to set up the

      work authorization, clearance etc....0040 is for the craft to take the clearance...0050 is for round trip travel time...0060 is for the actual work with

      any procedures or details in to the long text....0070 is to fill out paperwork, get to planner, document etc....does any one else do it this way? I can't

      find any documentation of any one else running the orders like this.   If you know of a place where I can look up best practices on say Plant Maintenance

      so I can compare or get more ideas...please feel free to drop me a line or two.  Thanks so  much for any and all help you can provide.