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    Fall Newsletter

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      -Call for Volunteers
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      -IM&C Content and Communications
      Welcome to the Industrial Machinery & Components (IM&C) SIG

      We wanted to reach out to you to provide a re-introduction to the ASUG Industrial Machinery & Components SIG. The IM&C SIG serves the SAP users from companies in the following segments:

      • Automation & Control Solutions
      • Construction & Mining Equipment
      • Energy & Power Equipment
      • Rail Equipment & Shipbuilding
      • Machinery & Equipment
      Our Primary Focus
      • To provide education, networking, and influence opportunities for the SAP IM&C user community.
      Our Primary Goal
      • To provide a unique forum for IM&C customers and partners to share experiences, ideas, and best practices relating to their businesses, as well as the SAP functionality that supports their processes.
      • To provide valuable information to both seasoned and new SAP users
      • To provide education targeted to IM&C
      • To provide an avenue for SAP IM&C customers to influence SAP development relating to their specific lines of business
      • To build an ecosystem of partnerships that drives value for the industry
      Call for Volunteers
      The IM&C SIG is in a period of growth, and currently searching for talented, committed individuals to help lead the community. Being an ASUG Volunteer is about influence and action; ASUG Volunteers get things done. Please see below for a list of open positions within the SIG.If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, sign up here. Or you can nominate an individual you believe would be an excellent addition to our team.
      Call for Content
      To round out our 2014 plan, we would like to provide more virtual education for our members. If you have a success story you would like to share, we would be more than happy to have you present to our membership. If you have any questions regarding webcasts, please contact, Stuart Fisher, Communities Coordinator for the IM&C SIG. For more information about this community and to join the community roster, please visit the IM&C home page and select "Join this SIG".
      IM&C Content and Communications
      Please visit the IM&C Discussions Page on the ASUG website. Here you will find links to previous webcasts as well as industry discussions by your fellow SAP users and professionals. When you visit the discussions page, select "Follow" at the top right to receive updates from the SIG in your discussions inbox. To make sure you have opted-in to receive email notifications from the SIG, visit theIM&C Jump Pageand follow the steps below:
      • Select "Join this SIG"
      • If you have already joined, select "Leave this SIG" and rejoin to ensure your subscription

      Opting-in to SIG communications is the best way to stay in the know regarding all IM&C updates. This is how you will find out about webcast and other events within the community.

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