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    customizing UAR in GRC AC 10

    Raghu Kagita
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      We are trying to customize UAR in GRC AC10 as per our company needs. I have two outstanding questions that need help on and wanted to see if anyone out there have done this before or have any suggestions for issues.


      1) When UAR data is generated for users, there is one notification email sent to the reveiwer for each user in question. For instance if there are 100 users under a reviewer that needs to be reviewed 100 email notifications are sent out which seems redundant. Is there a way that we can change this to one emial notification per reviewer?


      2) As per our requirement we wanted to route UAR request to department head instead of user Manager which is the default reviewer for the UAR. We had our developer build a custom function module to get the details of department head for the user. I used this new function module to configure in MSMP workflow and seems like its not working. We had our ABAP developer put a trace to troubleshoot the issue and it looks like MSMP workflow never touches the FM. Any ideas?


      You can respond to this thread or email directly at personal email rkagita@outlook.com



      I appreciate all your suggestions.