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    Reconciling Pay For Performance

    Cindy Seaburn
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      Our school district is currently on pay schedules for the majority of our employees.  However, we are moving towards a pay for performance model which will eliminate salary schedules for the most part.  For those organizations who utilize a PFP model, are you using a compensation management program or just tracking the payment models via customized wage types only?  We use both options (we use a compensation management program for a select number of administrators; all other employees are on salary schedules).

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          Jill Mikros

          for JOHNS HOPKINS HEALTH SYSTEM (not the university)



          Our union employees are the only employees on schedules, 1,800 out of 22,000 health system employees.



          A small subset of the non-union employees (3,000) have begun using SuccessFactors Performance Management as of January 1. The scores for performance are maintained in  F and provide a reference point for what percent increase will be applied
          based on models created in an external system which may consider market  comparisons and range compression with other factors.



          There are no customized wage types. The same wage types are used for all salary increases regardless of  type.