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    Thoughts on OpenSAP training

    John Thurner


      I just wanted to gather some overall thoughts on the OpenSAP program.

      I haven't as of yet taken any of the courses but interested in hearing opinions.

      Thank you

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          Tammy Powlas

          Some are pretty good - SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA - Marc Hartz and Ulrich Christ and https://open.sap.com/courses/bifour2


          Some were pure sales pitches - so I dropped after a few weeks.  That said, the OpenSAP team has been open to feedback so hopefully that won't happen again


          You should try it.

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            John Thurner

            I was looking at the "Business Warehouse" course. Thank you Tammy.

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              Cindy Seaburn

              I am interested in the responses to this as well...we have looked into this in our organization but so far everyone seems to leans towards the traditional ed courses.

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                Marian Harris

                Hi John,


                I'm part of the SAP Solution and Knowledge Management team which includes openSAP, so my feedback is of course biased.  I would agree with Tammy that some of the courses sound like a sales pitch, especially in the first sessions.  Many of the courses really pick up after the initial intro sessions - which is typically limited to a few 5-8 minute segments in the beginning to set a common platform for learners ranging from recent college grads who are not experienced with SAP to highly experienced SAP professionals.


                However, the courses should pick up after that, unless they cover a broad cross-topic such as an overview about methodology/tools for a broad number of solution areas -  in which case that high-level intro may be repeated again for each specific solution area.


                If you're only focused in one solution area, hopefully you only participate in the intro for your solution area before it dives into the deeper details.  Our team delivers the openSAP course for RDS  and the first week is definitely high-level, and really picks up within each solution area's track.  But hopefully people can get past the fluff since our configuration guides and project accelerators are provided free.


                And, your feedback and suggestions for improvement are very welcomed by the openSAP team - I know our team very actively adapted the course structure based on such feedback!