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    SAP Power/Super User Network program

    Christa Kennedy
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      In our ongoing effort to improve SAP Sustainability at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), we are preparing to implement a SAP Power/Super User Network program.  We are in our infant stages of trying to broaden our current small network of power users to a larger group of specialized users located throughout our service territory.  We have done really well with this during project deployments, but have fallen short in creating a sustainable long-term SAP network.  Our goal is to empower our power users to share their expertise with their network of users, establish a support network for the power users to escalate questions/issues, and work to disseminate SAP knowledge from the subject matter experts to the business.


      My question to you:

      • Have you implemented a successful Power/Super User Network Program?
      • If yes, could we further discuss?  I would like to learn about what you implemented, what worked, and any lessons learned.


      Thanks in advance!

      Christa Kennedy

      SAP Business Sustainability Supervisor

      Email: clcr@pge.com

      Cell: 530-570-7055